Hindsight Be 2020 in the New Year 2020

Let the year 2020 be the year you take everything you have learned and apply it to your life and decisions knowing better. You know how Oprah says “know better, do better”? Well at this point in our lives I figure there are harsh lessons we have learned. Lessons we maybe should have learned a long time ago – back when we were kids – and now as adults we disovered and finally learned these things; so now we are better equipped to handle whatever life throws at us because we have the valuable gift of hindsight, which at this point I say is all hindsight from here on in.

So, if there are things you know now that you wish you knew then there is no time like the new year to come which coincidentally is 2020, to implement all the game changing and life altering things you’ve learned that can make every area of your life better. It’s time to level up in the game we call life and maybe even out the playing field a little.

So here’s to you my fellow Seekers. Let’s make 2020 the year we conquer all those things that held us back — whether it be fear, doubt or…fear. After all, this is our year cuz #HindsightBe2020!

So set some intentions. Not New Year’s resolutions, but intentions to set the tone for the year. And say them out loud. Speaking your truth and desires outloud has remarkable power. Try it and you’ll see. Find a tribe of like minded people to support you in your goal to live your best life. And share those affirmations, moments of gratitude and intentions here with the BZen community. And don’t forget to give gratitude as if its already appeared in your life when you set these intentions. BELIEVE it is yours and that you are capable. It’s how the Universe works and it is a powerful way to live.

How has the Universe given you what you wanted? Do you find that if you have unwavering belief — believing you deserve it — that it happens for you? Can you share an example where it appeared for you just like you always knew or envisioned that it would? How did it make you feel? Did it make you believe that if you believe you deserve it the Universe brings it to you? What were your immediate thoughts? Did you feel gratitude? Did you fight the fear that came when you made the intention? How did you handle that? Please share! We love inspiring other seekers. Your stories will inspire others to be brave and make changes in their lives. Wouldn’t it feel great to be part of that?

Thanks for reading and I hope this made you feel inspired and a little less alone.

Kyra xoxo